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TRU Detox Activated Charcoal 120 capsules

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    TRU Detox is the latest collaboration with Massy Arias designed to provide you the perfect product to take advantage of all the amazing benefits Activated Charcoal has to offer:

    NATURAL WHOLE BODY DETOX – using activated charcoal you can achieve a full body cleanse as the activated charcoal absorbs small toxins as it moves through your GI tract

    ELIMINATES BLOATING – activated charcoal helps absorb gas molecules to help reduce or even eliminate unnecessary gas that causes bloating

    VEGAN FRIENDLY PLANT CAPS – we custom developed vegan friendly capsules using peas, leafy greens, green algae, and vegetables to encapsulate the activated charcoal

    60 SERVINGS – each container has 60 servings which for most consumers is a two month supply when taken daily!!!

    MULTI PURPOSE USE – many have found using activated charcoal in both oral and skin health if removed from the capsule and directly applied as natural toothpaste or skin mask

    Activated charcoal can help eliminate gas & bloating, as well as improve skin and oral health.

    In addition to taking TRU Detox in capsule form, you can open the capsules and use our formula to make charcoal tea, as well as natural toothpaste & deodorant.

    Ingredients made from peas, leafy greens, green algae, and vegetables.


    Activated Charcoal is the charcoal made from different sources such as wood, coconut shell, bamboo, or coal, that is then “activated”, with steam or acid. This process carves away the internal structure of the charcoal particles producing a much higher [internal] surface area. This “activated charcoal” is then used in thousands of applications primarily to adsorb unwanted chemicals so that they can be neutralized or removed completely from the product that is being “cleaned”.