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    Introducing the ULTIMATE way to quench your thirst. BUCKED UP Drink Mix is the first of its kind. Sweetened with Stevia extract, BUCKED UP Drink Mix tastes incredible, mixes perfectly, and unlike most water flavorings, it’s actually healthy! Throw a scoop into your water bottle for a massive taste-upgrade, or mix with our RAW ingredients to create your own supplement enhanced beverage.


    You may not like water but we need it to perform optimally -- or perform at all, really. Many companies have tried  making flavorings to mix in, but they flavor their products with sugars or artificial sweeteners that can actually further dehydration, spike insulin, and of course, increase your daily caloric intake -- without adding any nutrients.  That’s why we came up with our RAW Drink Mix. They taste so amazing you will forget you’re achieving optimal hydration levels. Naturally flavored with Stevia extract, our RAW Drink Mix won’t spike blood sugar levels either. With only five calories -- coming from patented FiberSmart  -- BUCKED UP Drink Mix won’t break a fast, and can help you feel fuller longer.  Revitalize your water game with BUCKED UP Drink Mix to enjoy reaching healthy levels of hydration, or use it as the flavor foundation for your own supplemental beverage by combining it with any of the powerfully beneficial ingredients from our


    • Stevia Extract: unlike most artificial sweeteners, Stevia is all natural and does not spike blood sugar
    • Natural Coloring: Because there should be nothing artificial about hydration 
    • FiberSmart: To improve satiation RECOMMENDED USE One serving mixed into water for daily hydration needs, or mix with RAW Ingredients for flavoring.